iPad Virtual Instruments – Tabletop

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When we think of VSTi’s we mostly think of virtual instruments that we can use on our computers. But since the dawn of tablets the world of VSTis has completely changed giving the artist a more “transport worthy” alternative to taking your laptop.

Tabletop is a VST that is catered for the iPad and boy is it awesome. This is especially a brilliant development for all those traveling DJ’s that need to be able to seamlessly link VSTis with effects and so forth.

What makes Tabletop so cool is that even when you are busy with an instrument you will be able to drop an effect on it without stopping the music, but more importantly it will automatically link with the nearest equalizer that you have on the work space.

With the simplicity of the iPad it will take you now only a few seconds to create intricate set ups for you next live set. In fact I can begin to see so many professional DJ’s including this in the way they do their live performances. Not only do you have the ability to tweak and customize your tabletop, you will be able to connect it to live devices as well. Also the latest addition of the iPad holds some interesting new features to be added on the update later this year.

  • Seamless VSTi Interface
  • The fun ipad GUI
  • Updates to fit the new Retina display which will make it just a pleasure on the eyes
  • Interconnect with other hardware devices
  • Easily access all your VSTis

It isn’t always easy to be able to take your gear with you, especially if you have things like analogue drum machines and samplers. Tabletop definitely gives the traveling musician/producer the option to take hundreds of instruments without all the bulk.


I think if you are a DJ or a solo musician having a Tabletop in your arsenal can only benefit you. Imagine the next time you want to put an effect on your vocals, or on your guitar to simply use the automatic routing system of Tabletop. You’ll never be caught with your pants down in a live performance if you need to create drums.

Simply by looking at what the Tabletop has to offer the musician/producer, we can see that the future of VSTi’s will shortly be transformed into something completely different than what we have known. I for one am incredibly excited to see what will happen once these Tablets have the ability to contain heavier programs, but as for now my jaw is on the floor.

It’s amazing how the music industry is being revolutionized by technology. A decade ago this was only a vapor trail in the minds of the general public, but now in 2012 we see that the future of music production is something that is still very unknown. With Tabletop you’ll soon realize that making music just got a hell of a lot simpler, and if you don’t own an iPad, check out the videos and I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with it instantly. I’m sure that this VSTi alone will give a giant boost in iPad 3 sales, especially due to the new Retina display. This is a must have for any musician/producer that A. wants to turn heads, and B. wants to have a greater experience when doing production or live sets.

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Jeremy Evers Atlantis VST

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When we’re searching for VSTi synths we always try to get something that can truly benefit our music production value. Versatility is one of the most desired aspects in most synths which is almost as important as the sound itself. What is the point of having a synth that can’t be molded to your liking? The next synth we have on the table is one of those, “do it all” synths and will definitely give you a sense of control over your production.

The Jeremy Evers Atlantis is considered to be a monstersynth when we are talking about free VSTis. With plenty of oscillators and wavetables and the ability to create your own unique waveforms will probably keep you up for next couple of weeks. This synth truly allows you to push your sound to the edge of your imagination and beyond.

But let’s see what this synth has to offer:

  • 3 oscillators with 15 wavetables
  • Wave shaping by being able to morph between two waveforms
  • 50 kinds of filters
  • Reverb, limiters and compressors
  • Fully skinnable GUI so you don’t have to look at the original layout

There is one thing that could be bettered in this synth, not so much what it can do but rather referring to how they package it. A lot of the presets aren’t included in the original package which means you have to go through the tedious job of searching high and low to download 200+ presets more. This is no easy feat since it is actually quite difficult to track down the information.

If the creators or someone who has a deep desire to package it all together we would all appreciate it. Other than that there are some default presets that you can deactivate that munches your CPU. These are all small changes to be made but when we talk about the quality of the synth, it definitely is something you want to get your hands on.

The End Result:

So here we are, looking at this gargantuan synth that allows you to manipulate your sounds in a way you have never imagined. For being a free synth this one really does allow you to take control and except for some minor organizational details is a top notch choice.

We are thankful for the fact that you the skins are customizable because the original layout was definitely an eye sore. The fact that you can customize the skins even gives you the creative ability to modify your GUI to suit your production mood. Obviously these are mere minor details, but the fact that you have the ability to do so is nice.

All in all this synth is definitely worth it and will take your production value to the next level. You will have loads of fun playing around with all the presets, if you manage to find the other 200 they have hidden somewhere in cyberspace

The bottom line is that if you are interested in growing your VSTi library the Jeremy Evers Atlantis is a phenomenal choice and will definitely be a good addition. The only thing left now is to go out and download the bad boy. We do have a warning however; insomnia can be caused by

Green Oak Crystal

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This synth has been around for a decade now and still holds up to the newer synths created almost on a daily basis. If you actually go out and look for free synths to download you will find thousands of them, but one thing is for sure, Green Oak Crystal will be in the top of the selection.

In its ten year trajectory we can see the evolution of this synth redefine itself every time they tweak it. It has plenty of audio features that will surely make any music producer’s day. And thankfully the CPU usage was made less and now only uses a moderate amount instead of its gargantuan CPU usage in the past making this synth a “must have” in the world of free VSTi’s.

So let’s see what this synth has to offer us:

  • Available for Mac – This will make all those Mac users’ year with being compatible with all Mac OS. See Mac users…there are people out there that care =)
  • Over 80 parameters
  • Midi CC
  • Six LFO’s
  • Six Modulation Envelopes
  • 3 Oscillators
  • 24 voice Polyphony
  • Compatible with Soundfont (SF2 files)
  • Wave Sequencing
  • FM Synthesis
  • Granular Synthesis

Obviously this synth will not be first choice for everyone; in fact many people simply can’t use it due to its CPU usage. Nonetheless we find that this synth lives up to all expectation and gives you supreme versatility in sound manipulation. Also the fact that the latest version is a lot more CPU friendly and that it is compatible on Mac makes this one of the top choices of music producers from all over the globe.

The synth itself is used to create massive sounds that in most cases are used for ambience, pads and textures. Even though the synth has the capability of creating some interesting leads, the main idea, at least in our opinion is to make “fills” in the music. It is a brilliant synth for making the sound seem more “whole” and will definitely compliment any bass riff or lead you have put into the mix.

The GUI is very user friendly and is very fast to learn, especially if you have some experience with other synths.


Both PC and MAC users with enough CPU power should definitely get their hands on this wonderful Free synth due to its versatility. The program can basically take any sound you have and morph it into something new , but perhaps not as suitable as a Dubstep VST as many others. It gives you supreme control over every little aspect of the sonic spectrum and gives you the power to tweak it to your liking. The GUI is very small and due to the latest updates your CPU usage will be moderate as opposed to huge. But even though this VSTi was one of the best in 2002, there are plenty of other synths out there that are worthy of competition. The GUI could use a bit more work for more modern times but all in all you will have a blast with this synth.

The overall performance and sound of this synth will definitely appeal to most electronic producers and can be a great addition to their synth library. There is no risk here since this synth is completely free, so why take our word for it…and give it a try.

Where to Get Your Dubstep Heard

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So you think you have your fist full production completed? You spend countless hours perfecting each and every little sound you could possible find and finally you feel it is time that the world knows what you’ve got to give them. You upload your music quickly to your online store; add a nice $.99 per track next to it and start promotion.

I’m sure your first moves will be Facebook or Twitter. Shouting to the world that you have laid a fresh new tasty egg; the only problem you face is that the people in your Facebook or Twitter know you…they are in your network. After a month maybe some CD’s sold…but it’s not what you’re looking for…is it?

Have you ever wondered how mainstream artists make it? The fact of the matter is that producing the artist is only a fraction of the money that major labels spend when launching a new album. Most of the money goes into promotion whether it is; television, radio, internet or massive billboards. Now I am only taking a wild stab in the dark when I say “You don’t have the money to do what the big boys do”…do you?

Don’t fret, there are solutions…it won’t give you the same results as major labels…but hey, something is better than nothing right. So here’s what you do:

Online Radio Stations

Yep, the world has given us the ability to launch our very own radio station. In reality it is quite simple, but if you were to open your own radio station only your friends and the people in your networks would “maybe” listen to it. There are however people who have dedicated time and money in launching successful genre specific radio stations where you can submit your music.

I have gone through a big list and decided to place the top three that I could find where your music could have a fighting chance of being heard by thousands of people. Note that I have checked through a lot and some of the stations would be difficult to get a play, the ones I listed however will take a higher priority on artists that are not so well known. The best of all is that if your music is good enough you will be able to get great publicity for free. So if you want to submit your music to one of these Dubstep oriented stations…go right ahead.

  • http://www.sub.fm/contact/
  • http://www.dubstep.fm/
  • http://www.sensimedia.net/radio/stations/dubstep#schedule

Simple get in contact with the administration and submit links to your music and your store. Remember to give them a professional cover letter to help them along in their decision making process.

College Radio

Not all radio is mainstream; there are a lot of indie radio stations to be found on every college campus. Make a list of all your surrounding colleges and see if they play any electronic music. If so then draw up a PR kit and drive over to the university. See if you can get in touch with the DJ of the electro hour or what not and let him listen to your music.

But please for the love of Dubstep just give him the most professional looking PR kit you can manage. In the business of music image is incredibly important, so don’t let your first contact do you wrong. Before you go and promote make sure that you have absolutely everything covered; relax and then go for it. You’ll both get an honest opinion about your music and maybe some awesome publicity.